Friday, March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday: Super-Villain Team-Up #11

I found the "Various Titles" box and have some nice picks for Flashback Fridays.  The first of these being the Old School Marvel book Super-Villain Team-Up.  It is easy to see why I would buy this comic from the cover.  I am a sucker for Doctor Doom.  I like reading his tales.  So it drew me in right there.  The addition of the Shroud is key here as well.  Then you have Namor, Captain America, and the freaking Red Skull.  C'mon, I mean just look at that cover.

This is the middle part of a story that has the origin of the Shroud tied into it.  That is not in this issue, but in the previous where the Shroud fights Doc Doom and believes to have killed the Latverian Monarch.  This has lead the Red Skull in command of Doom's awesome technology.  He uses it to attack Cap and Doom as they fly towards the Castle.  Instead of being blown to bits, they are shrunk.  That leads to a great adventure of minuscule proportions.  It is a great read.

All that takes us to Namor showing up and the Red Skull trying to partner with him.  Soon it is all chaos as the fate of the world hangs in the balance.  Did I mention that the Skull has Doom's Hypno Ray under his control?  No, well he does and it carries the story to the next issue as the Red Skull ends up on the Moon and the ones left have to figure out how to stop him from taking over the world.  A strange mix of characters and the old style where you really read the comicbook.