Monday, March 12, 2012

Mantra Mondays: Mantra #16

It is the issue I have been waiting for.  Lukaz has finally grown an attitude of caring and compassion for Eden's family.  It took his falling in love with Eden's soul which is in her body he still inhabits.  We end this issue as we finished the last.  Mantra is saying good-bye to Kevin, aka Prime, after failing to get a new male body.  So now it is back home and see where the family is and how they are doing as mom has been away for who knows how long.

The problem is that as Mantra returns home and is accidentally discovered by little Evie she learns that Eden is already there.  What?!?!  Yes, Eden Blake has been creepily coveting the Love of those around her and soon a mystery must be solved.  Lukasz is for the first time the stand up guy the reader has sought since the beginning of the series.  No whining about the female body, although he still is wanting out and Eden in charge so they can be together.  Instead he is out to discover what is happening and protecting Eden's loved ones.

It all leads to that weird construct from Issue #3 Kismet Deadly and then an appearance of Thanasi, the Knight who betrayed Archimage.  He takes over Gus, Eden's ex-husband who is about to remarry the faux Eden.  It ends up a great action story that has one person learning Mantra is Eden.  It is one of the best issues of the series.