Friday, March 16, 2012

Flashback Fridays: Batman Gotham Adventures #50

I decided to go with a love story this Friday.  I have been reading a great deal of Catwoman stories under the New DCU.  I have also been collecting these kid friendly comics for a step cousin when I see them in the sale boxes.  That is where this issue came from.  I always read the books I buy.  I still love stories and I just take some time to enjoy each book.  After I read this comic I knew it would be staying with me.

There are many comicbook romances.  People argue over which is the greatest.  Reed and Sue, Clark and Lois, Peter and MJ, and we could go on and on.  I even stopped reading Marvel Comics because of the way Mary Jane and the marriage to Peter was erased by that stupid "One More Day."  Right up there will be the romance between Batman and Catwoman.  The thing about Bruce is that he has loved her as two men.  It has at times been a twisted and volatile romance.  In the recent Catwoman series we see a very graphic and rough version of there love.

What is in this book is a very simple love.  The angst that Batman has in terms of dealing with her thieving ways is strong.  He shows in small ways the caring he has, yet only Commissioner Gordon is allowed to even see this small bit of compassion.  Batman's actions are of a person who is very upset and out for revenge in a way.  Catwoman saves his life in a way.  A bomb meant for her is almost ready to take Bats out and she pushes him away taking the full force of the blast.  So of course Batman will find out why she was set up.

We get to see Nightwing and Batgirl as the mystery unfolds.  Flashbacks to the early days of Batman and Catwoman are shown.  This really is a great and beautiful story of a love always divided between breaking the law for different reasons.

This is a great example of why people read comics.