Monday, March 5, 2012

Mantra Monday: Mantra #15

We are at the end of the mission of freedom for Archimage.  You see last issue of Mantra, Boneyard tricked Mantra and she took the Sword of Fangs and sliced his head right off.  The man that Lukasz had pinned all his hopes of being a man again now lays dead at her feet.  The spirit of Eden Blake attempts to speak wisdom to him, but the rage and mindless anger just explodes.  Notch and company get eviscerated and maimed as they attack and Boneyard has slipped away and soon Mantra heads back to the Malibu Universe Earth.

Now you would think that Lukasz would focus on checking on Eden's kids.  He professes to love her and so he is concerned right?  Nope.  Mantra heads to see the young man that is the hero Prime.  Kevin is eager to help her and we learn Topaz ending up on Earth after disappearing during the Archimage Quest.  They are off to check on the whereabouts of the Doctor that is responsible for creating the Prime and other bodies.  So Lukasz is wanting a male body still.

The look-alike Eden is heading to the alter with Eden's ex-husband Gus.  All seems happy with the Blake family.  Something has to be off.  We know that Lukasz is Eden right?  Just some weird stuff ahead for Mantra.  It is the beginning of a bit of a new road.  Boneyard is going to be gone for a long while and we will see more of Mantra as an agent of Aladdin and the family life.  That is a welcome change.  There will be more acceptance coming for Lukasz as well.  This starts him in that direction.

I like the series better going forward.  It is more of what I would want in this title based on the issues I have collected.