Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aquaman #6

Mera unleashed indeed!  I have been looking forward to this issue since the preview tag came out.  Mera goes shopping for dog food.  It has a great deal of fun and humor while also having a good way of showcasing Mera.  What you need to know is that Mera is in exile with Arthur.  When the Reach story ended there was a golden retriever that was left homeless because their owner died in the massacre.  

Mera heads out to the local grocery store and is trying to figure out just what kind of dog food she needs.  The creepy manager gets too frisky and learns a lesson.  You don't tug on Superman's cape and you Definitely DO NOT put your hand on Mera's derriere.  She handles the faux pas in a very violent fashion.  I kinda liked that she cracked his wrist.  As she said, "I could have done much worse."  Still, we know what happens next.  She gets hassled by the law.  What is funny is how she resolves the fight and the way she helps out after the fact.

 This is really a great stand alone story that has some nuggets of what is to come.  We see a bit of Mera's back story and it humanizes her.  There is a definite "fish out of water" vibe to Mera.  She can be so innocent about the world around her and that is endearing.  What is a great aspect is how she can go into a 0 to 60 rage and become a Warrior to be reckoned with and feared.  This is not in a bimboish sort of way.  It is more the idea of a woman that is a warrior trying to be something else as she lives this life.

A great showcase for the other half of the Aquaman book.