Wednesday, June 12, 2013

HeroesCon 2013 Recollections

Leading up to my vacation at HeroesCon this year I was emotionally drained.  I had been having a terrible time with emotional triggers for my depression and the struggle with diabetes was not going well.  These two health issues were dragging me down.  I had been missing mama more this year and the anniversaries that accompany my wishing she were still alive were very hard.  I was struggling at work, dealing not only with drama in my Youth Group but having to deal with change at a church we were working with that was experiencing change that reminded me of the turmoil I left behind in my last ministry setting.  It was no wonder I had no desire to leave when the time came Sunday.

This year I had a more relaxed attitude about the days.  I didn't feel the need to be down there standing in line for an hour waiting for the Con to begin.  We left later and when we got there we signed in and went on down.  I was the same way Saturday.  I wonder if Richard noticed this about me?  It seems the new layout with more square footage worked well for my mindset this year.  Friday was nice with the big open space once I adjusted to the new setup.  I think the floor was easier to navigate as well.  The three areas were one long row of sections.  This made things great on the more crowded Saturday.

I was not happy with the effort of my Phantom Stranger Costume, so no CosPlay for me this year.  It was probably better.  I missed it though.  There were some great costumes.  I have my "crush" for this year picked out.  Sunday there was a Mera that was just beautiful.  Friday had a close runner up with Lee Loo from the Fifth Element.  It would be nice to find a gal that would be willing to go and dress up at the Convention with and just share life with too.  It would be cool I think.

One of the coolest moments came from the street festival that was blocking streets all weekend.  I had left Richard after Supper Saturday to go see the Art for the Charity Auction at the Westin.  On my way back as I neared our hotel I hear great jazz music.  Right at our hotel intersection a group of about twenty were free styling and it was just awesome.  I stood in the crowd just moving to the music and feeling wonderful.  It was a neat experience.