Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good-bye Sue Darling.....?

After I posted this sarcastic post I saw that the AP had spoiled the death.  So much for Marvel's Polybags.  Maybe the writers should not give interviews before the release if they want to keep these things secret.  It was not Sue, so it is another of the Four that is being extinguished.

The local paper has been running these little fine print things to do recently.  This morning I thought the day was Wednesday as I saw a small black and white picture of the Fantastic Four.  Then I found the info that because someone in the FF dies today that Marvel sent that book out one day early and it is bagged to keep the secret.

I guess that Sue will be killed.  That would track at the current Marvel Comics.  The sexy Mom is just in the way of Reed getting some hot honey action.  It is needed for the story.  How can the writers let Reed be with some of Marvel's hottest babes if Sue is around.  No divorce as Joe Q mention when Spidey was magically unmarried.  So I figure Sue is toast.

Dead forever, that is the statement.  Until the next Skrull invasion I guess.  Lot of dead forever characters came back it that mess from what I scanned as I looked in the House of Ideas windows.  I am just figuring that it will one day be rectified.  Now I could be wrong.  It could be Johnny that has his fire snuffed.  Maybe Reed is laid flat.  My favorite guy Ben Grim might become dust.  Could be.  I still see Sue being subtracted from the team by killing her.

I am not caring.  I haven't been reading new Marvel.  I read the back issues that I love so much.  Just like Joe Q told me to do.  Back when writing was awesome and the stories heroic.