Friday, September 17, 2010

Secret Avengers #1

                As most of you know I gave up Marvel at the beginning of Brand new Day.  Well close, I was reading Nova until I could not stand buying Marvel anymore.  The crossovers and the lack of respect for the characters I loved just pushed me away.  I also was tired of the smug and arrogant remarks from the leadership.  I took their advice about reading the back issues if I did not like what they were producing.  So this is a rarity for me now.  I guess I should tell you why I picked the book up.

                I was buying my stack of books at the shop and was well over the every purchase over ten bucks gets a free book from this stack.  Yes, I just picked this up because it cost me nothing.  I can tell you that the $3.99 price does nothing to make me want to purchase the title.  Might get the Trade if it is ever in the used book store I frequent.  Still, it is a far book, if overpriced.

Ed Brubaker is the writer and that was a reason that I picked secret Avengers from the stack of Marvel books.  I wonder if there is a tricky buying incentive right now?  I knew if I was going to have a hope of enjoying this book Brubaker would help.  Mike Deodato is awesome on the artwork in the comic.  I like his War Machine.  See, Jim Rhodes is one of my favorite characters and to see him in this title is nice.  In fact the entire line up is interesting and full of characters I like.  Black Widow, Nova, Valkyrie, Moon Knight, Steve Rogers, the irritating Ant-Man, and Sharon Carter make up this is a nice contingent of heroes. 

So it is a nice story and a good start for a series.  The price and my aversion to the current climate of Marvel Corporate will not be seeing me buy this book though.  Was nice to visit, but I am still not moving back to my once home of comics.