Friday, September 17, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #51

                Alpha Lanterns were the scariest thing in the build up to The Blackest Night to me.  They were these soulless creatures that were just sitting there waiting to become a problem.  Thanks to Cyborg Superman that happened.  He has taken over Lantern Stel’s home planet and now hold Ganthet prisoner.  Worse he wants Ganthet to reverse the Alpha Lantern process so he can reverse his own robotic status as he is now an Alpha Lantern.  It is through the destruction of the Alphas that this is to happen.

                Kyle, Sora, and John Stewart are trapped with the populace and with their rings depowered sitting ducks.  That is when Kyle calls for the Lost Lantern Hannu.  It is clear when he arrives why he is a perfect choice to aid them.  The results however are mixed emotionally as a favorite Lantern is returned and lost.

                This is the final fate of this group of Lanterns.  We have her one action pack issue that is the middle of the tale.  Green Lantern corps is one of the top titles at DC for the simple reason of how it spreads the use of Lanterns across the board.  It also is usually where the action happens.  So this is a great read for all fans of the Green Lanterns.