Friday, September 17, 2010

Batgirl #14

                This is the title everyone should be reading.  It delivers every month a brand of action, excitement, and humor that is sorely lacking in many comics nowadays.  This is just a fun little romp with the two female representatives of the Bat and Supes families.  Stephanie and Kara make a great pair.  Steph is just jaded enough to need the bubbly Kara to make her smile. 

                In this issue it is a silly romp of classic comic plotting.  A failed experiment and the resulting manufactured celluloid Draculas.  We have what if animated would be a great montage of Supergirl and Batgirl tracking down the depressed hard light projections and just having fun while doing it.  The whimsy is a detail that makes this a great read.

                Overall this has become the best of the best from DC Comics in my opinion.  We have a growing Stephanie Brown and the superb character supporting cast that has formed around her.  It is nice seeing this once thrown away character become the coolest read each month.  I know I eagerly await each issue and savor the turn of each page.  You should be reading this book and forsaking all others.  Well, maybe at least look to trying it and replacing a more costly title that you might be disappointed in.