Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Batman Beyond #3

                I will make my guess as to the person who seems to be Hush right now in this title.  I say Jason Todd.  It fits that Amanda Waller and Camdus would have him locked up in a mental ward of some kind in suspended animation.  I like the tension they are building between Bruce and Terry.  It was leading to this in the animated series and the movie, Return of the Joker.  Terry is a different type of Batman.  He has a style that is not as dark, but still effective.  Bruce building an army of robotic Bats is what seems right.  The old man wants to be in control and do things his way.  Still, the conflict here will definitely be a distraction I feel.

                The new Catwoman is providing a great foil for Terry.  The banter between the two is perfect.  While not romantic or flirty, it has its own special flavor.  The way that Adam Beechen is weaving Terry’s rogues with the old Gotham criminal element works well.  This Hush character has opened the door to what has happened to the aged villains of Gotham.  The shocker is seeing the one person of the Bat family that has never made their Beyond appearance, until the last page.  Awesome!

                This is an enjoyable mini that should give the green light for another, or dare we hope and ongoing series?  This would be terrific if that would happen.  The world of Batman Beyond is ripe with possibilities.  I for one would love to see more after this story closes.