Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Power Girl #15

                I was worried about this title when the creative team changed.  This was right there with Batgirl as my favorite buy of the month.  I am still hanging with the book, but that is because it has not totally undone all that was good about the start.  I miss the humor that was in Power Girl, but the character is still doing well.  Wonder where Terra is though.  Seems the new team is gutting the supporting cast.

                Not able to push Power Girl on you anymore.  While enjoyable, it has become just another DC book right now.  The very unique flavor of the start of the title is gone.  What is left is a typical comicbook.  We have the elements of the genre.  Hero plus baddies plus conflict equals story.  The book is readable and better than some on the market, but it honestly could be any female in the title and role of character.

                Seems I am talking myself out of buying Power Girl.  Maybe.  I guess that is what Winick is for me.  I mean I tried really hard to stick with Green Lantern when he started writing early on in his career.  I left because of the same thing.  His stories were bland and I just could not justify the cost versus enjoyment.  Now comics cost even more and I face the same dilemma.  What do I do, stay or go?

                Still not sure about that right now.  I am really hoping that this is a temporary assignment for Winick.  Maybe DC is just filling a hole until they change writers.  I hope so.  This is one time that Winick being bounced around from title to title would be a good thing.