Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bendis Is Upset with the Lack of Good Comics Reporting, Reviewing, etc.

I just read Kalinara's post about this "Long form Journalism" Mr. Bendis wants to see.  Of course he wasn't talking about me or really any of us that Blog and review comics for free.  He basically is attacking the paid sites that just "cut and paste" press releases.  I doubt Mr. Bendis has ever read my newest Blog, or many of the fine Blogs I read.  In my "career" reviewing comics, PaperBackReader and ComiXtreme, I never copied nor pasted.  I wrote whole articles from my own head.  Some were awesome, some were not, but all were mine and original.  Before I had to stop because of the Church I ended up at, I had many creators sending me requests for books to read, received complimentary issues for review from Top Cow and DC Comics, and had become trusted as an honest reviewer.  I asked to be taken off the comp lists after I knew I would be unable to review because of the giving up of my volunteer job.

So I will take no offense, because I know it was not me.  I would suggest that Mr. Bendis do what I was told when I complained about the quality of the Marvel product.  There are vast quantities of things out there that have been published that you can read.  See, I did, I do not buy new Marvel comics.  I do buy the great old books that are better than what I feel Mr. Bendis and others are doing at Marvel.

In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, "Whota Maroon!"