Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wonder Woman #602

                I mentioned how of the two DC characters being written by J. Michael Stracynski, Wonder Woman and Superman, Wonder Woman is the one that might be the best done.  JMS has stripped everything away and totally changed the character.  It is bothersome.  It sends a message that Wonder Woman can only be written be recreating her.  I see elements of the Wonder Woman I know, which is a mix of the general knowledge and following her for the last five years.  She is a strong female that has rarely been given her due by the powers that be.

                Still, this is a nice Hero Tale.  We get to see a person that was ripped from her life and lost everything that made sense.  She now struggles with a destiny she is not sure she wants and a duty she must perform or bear the burden for the deaths of the last of her people.  The connection to the Greek gods has always been strong in the world of Wonder Woman.  Now they are an interesting mix of active participants and disinterested bystanders.

                Aphrodite is the one we have a bit of story with here.  It is just a conversation with Diana, yet it speaks volumes to where the story is going.  The idea of rebirth and the common thread of blood in the process of all life is here in clear and obscure ways.  The world of Man is very destructive to the remaining Amazons, yet Diana is a force unto herself.  It is like seeing the old Wonder Woman coming forth in the moments of action.

                So this is a comicbook worth watching as it goes forward.  I see it resolving eventually and of course there is the out.  I know the end.  It will be a choice.  It will enable the return of the classic.  Does knowing that effect the enjoyment?  No.  The journey is what one will be reading this comicbook for until the end.  I will enjoy, buit I do hope one day Princess Diana can be treated like she should and truly be able to stand as the member of the DC Trinity the claim she is in the DC Universe.