Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So, Yeah, Been gone a bit.............

I apologize.  This is no way to do and I am going to endeavor to figure a day that will be posting day.  I do have a large stack of books, I went to the comicbook shop before the list got too large for me to purchase.  I still left two books in the box.  I was sideline by my own genetics and the work I do.  I am changing medicines and one has a side effect of making me very tired.  I had to drop one because of cost and the diabetes is growing stronger even as I work to adjust my lifestyle to counteract the disease.

I was also reading old comics from my ex-love Marvel Comics.  I began by just grabbing some old Wolverines as I went to the Reading Room, some of you know what room this is in your abode.  It lead me down the bookcase to my Silver Sable series.  I loved that series.  Silver and Sandman really shine there in that book.  So I was reading comics.

I am still debating how to deal with the Top Cow books I read.  I guess I am gun shy from the experience at the church I worked at for a few years.  I do have some excellent Comic Book Rescue Project buys from Hillsville at the Flea Market.  Of those I got a run of Spider-Woman, the original series, and I have some thoughts about the era of Marvel women from that time.  I collect She-Hulk, Dazzler, and Spider-Woman from back then and of the three, Jessica Drew is so whiny.  They really wrote her as an early version of Ally McBeal.  It also got me thinking about the other two and how they are portrayed.  Very different from the action heroine in the Silver Sable book years later.  I want to ponder this a bit and write about the time period concerning women I think.

So hang in there.  I am gearing up to become steady once again with post.  I am thinking of trying to bring back some of my earliest ideas in this crazy world of comic review and blogging.  I also have some novels to write about.

Thanks for hanging around.