Monday, September 23, 2013

Mantra Mondays: Mantra #17

Welcome back to Mantra.  We take up where we left by looking at issue #17.  It is not strange that things would take a fast pace in the Ultraverse.  In fact I wish there were a way to have DVD type commentary about the stories of certain companies and the comics they produced.  I have mulled it over and think that this story gets made because of the buying and merger of Malibu Comics by Marvel Comics.  See, I think that maybe there was to be a longer build up to what happens in this issue and the mini-series that starts directly at the end of this story. 

We get a great deal of story in this one issue.  Lukasz infiltrates Aladdin's hidden depths to find information that will lead him to freeing his soul and Eden's from the same body.  They have fallen in love and now want to be together, but we still get that old song and dance of Lukasz wanting to be a man again.  It is fun watching Mantra use stealth by way of her powers.

The funeral for Uncle Moe, the nearly dead senior that Mantra trapped Thanasi inside, and it reveals that maybe Thanasi is not gone.  We quickly get to something good.  Lukasz spending time with the kids and we find out it is Christmas time as well.  It is good to have him being a mom and enjoying it.  Plus Eden can enjoy her kids.  Little Evie reminds us that she knows her mommy is Mantra before the two who share one body are off to find J.D. Hunt.

Hunt is one of the Ultraverse's standard villain and Ultra creator.  He made Electrocutie of the Strangers and we see her replacement as Mantra battles Pinnacle (Penny).  She appears as a new bimbo made to order for Hunt, but she is an Ultra and the fight is cool and the magic mixing with science gives us a great outcome.  After Hunt is being mind controlled there is a great scene that does not translate well in comic form of Penny walking Hunt into a wall.

Male body made and it looks like Lukasz and Eden can find happiness.  Enter Thanasi.  A man that is very comfortable taking a female form.  Little back and forth before we have both the newly self named Necro Mantra and Lukasz disappearing.  That is where Godwheel begins.  Many other Ultra books have similar disappearing tales that leads us to this explanation in a way of the origins of the Ultraverse.

The question really needing to be asked is what has happened to Eden Blake?