Friday, September 13, 2013

Flashback Fridays: Action Comics #665

Here is an oddity for you this Flashback Friday.  I bought a four pack of comics at a store called Five Below and had some great mixture of books in there when buying for really only one that I knew I wanted.  This book will probably go into the sale box, but it did give a great story of Lois Lane and her strengths as a character.  It also has a great back-up photo album and remembrances by Ma and Pa Kent.

This must have occurred as the romance that would lead up to the wedding was happening.  We have Clark and Lois supposedly on a date to meet the Kents as a way for Clark to realize Lois might be in trouble.  Seems Lois has gotten a break on a story about stolen military equipment and she makes a decision to jump on a moving truck to follow the story.  It means she never shows for the date.  While we see Lois as the cool reporter it highlights some things that are cool about Clark and his alter-ego Superman.

Clark is able as Supes to read a scribble indention about a person Lois was meeting.  As Clark he interrogates the guy and soon learns what the story is about.  We watch Superman use his powers in interesting ways to find Lois.  He is using heat vision to see the after effects of heat residue.  We watch as he is a CSI unit unto himself.  Of course Lois is eventually out-gunned and out-numbered in the hidden base she has been lead to at the end of the truck ride.  Needless to say that Superman shows up and kicks butt, although Lois stealthily takes the bad guy's gun away when Superman provides a diversion.

This is a cool little story.  The back-up pages are sweet and look at Clark's life through scrapbook pictures.  The talk of the pictures they could not have was endearing as they were shown.