Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Godwheel #0

Following the last installment of Mantra Monday is the Ultraverse Mini-Series called Godwheel.  It begins as many Ultraverse titles had characters disappear at the end of a story.  More on that in a bit.  I am going to state an opinion I have about this series.  it is purely speculation on my part and I have no idea if it is even close to the truth of the events that surround the story.

My opinion is that Godwheel was not suppose to have happened this quick in the growth of Malibu Comic's Ultraverse.  This is the origins of a comicbook Universe laid bare and a place you could change direction with characters and even jumpstart the Ultraverse with new characters.  I believe that the buyout by Marvel Comics brought this origin tale forward and it then became the way Marvel would try and market their characters through this purchase.

It just feels forced in so many ways.  Like it was rushed.  The reason for speculating that it is the origin of the Ultraverse comes from the pages included in the series that explains out the characters and the Godwheel.  It looks like a blueprint that writers would have had to know the origins, but never tell us until many years down the road.  Near the end when Marvel puts a footprint in the Ultraverse you can easily imagine a different outcome using characters unique and new.

So what was Godwheel?  Basically you have a Supergod who is dying.  He comes home to find it in ruins and the other gods dead and gone.  Three items of power have been scattered across this massive cosmos spinning wheel where vast geography and beings make up a place where power comes from.  This Supergod is named Argus.  He has been followed by the creepy Ultra Rune and a fight between them gives Argus the ability to use the gems that Rune had to see and call forth beings of power to find the items.  He just brings them to this place called Vahdala.

He brings a very beat up Hardcase, Lord Pumpkin, Boneyard, Warstrike, four of the Freex (Feline, Flygirl, Pressure, and Cayman), Prime and Mantra.  The problem is he does not get Prime, but a Prime husk that is frozen to keep it viable.  Mantra is not Mantra as we know from Mantra #17, it is Necro Mantra.  Of course Lukasz in his new male body is brought as well because of him being Mantra.

Basically those with grudges begin beating the stuffing out of each other.  Necro Mantra strikes Lukasz and seems to disintegrate him.  Lord Pumpkin and Boneyard have a history.  Throw in Warstrike being confused by Necro Mantra and you can see that this is a great confusing battle.  It is until Argus freezes them all, except Necro Mantra.  In the end she, the male Thanasi, flirts and schemes her way into his good graces.  She even declares that as a show of loyalty she will kill the rest of the Ultras.

This is a very action packed start to a mini that will redefine the Ultraverse.  As I said, it feels rushed.  Stay tuned for the next issue of Godwheel.


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