Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Godwheel #1

So when we last left the series from Malibu Comics known as Godwheel, Necro Mantra had volunteered to kill all the other Ultras and serve Argus.  They flirt some and we have Thanasi show off the Necro Mantra powers and that he can be a better woman than Lukasz.  The magic sort of impresses Argus.  The thing is he needs three to collect the items of power.  So Necro Mantra is given leave to choose her allies.  Of course the first thing she does is pick Lord Pumpkin because every team needs a suit wearing Jack O Lantern.  Then we get the shock of the moment as she blast the Prime husk and gives it life.She names him Primevil.  All looks lost for the frozen heroes as death is to be there fate.

Now comes the fighting.  She Pressure was knocked out and not frozen.  She awakens in the nick of time to blast Argus and that causes him to lose concentration.  We have another free for all until a leader steps forward, Boneyard.  Yes, I was shocked as well.  Being a Mantra collector I figured he would weasel his way to Team Argus, but he decides that the heroes are the team to eventually betray.  This does help get some focus for the group.  Hardcase gets a wicked punch in that floors Argus and the heroes flee.  We also learn that Argus is losing power fast.

So the group is fleeing and really have no clue until Lukasz steps out of the shadows.  The soul of Eden Blake is shown with a relieved face.  Seems Necro Mantra teleported instead of disintegrating Lukasz.  Maybe Eden had a bit to do with that happening.  So the thing is that Lukasz found a ship.  It is alive and it was the Pleasure Space Yacht of Ogma named Zumas.  Poor old Pressure gets tossed and beaten all the time here and even has rocks fall on her before making it to the ship.  They fly off with a computer sim of Ogma telling them the need of finding the relics.  Ogma was the head god of these gods who killed each other.  He also shows us the Godwheel.

Thor has his first cameo as he is not fully shown.  It was cheesy and probably just some Marvel suit wanting a Marvel character in there somehow since Thor is being advertised all over for this series.  Next comes the team ups and the search for the items.