Sunday, September 15, 2013

Demon Knights #23

Ah, The Demon Knights have come to an end.  I must say that overall I enjoyed this book very much.  It had its bumpy period with the Vampire story.  The Vandal Savage torture of Jason Blood also helped meander the tale a bit.  The last arc however sealed the book up with a nice neat bow.  We have that Black Diamond used and resolved as a plot device that never really did anything in this book until now.  Sir Ystin is healed of the vampiric taint and has secured the Holy Grail.  Horsewoman can now walk so DC is making a statement about the handicapped I guess.  Maybe the Internets has blown up with outrage that another redhead got the use of her legs back.  It did make sense in terms of showing the amazing powers of the Holy Grail.

If only Vandal Savage could have been shown in his blown to bits status.  Still, it was a funny bit of story to see him blown up after the Demon Etrigan had faked out a Giant and set his huge gag looking bomb a flame.  It was a slapstick moment as the lit fuse went down.  It all really did show the ability of this early team and as I said wrapped the entire series up in a nice neat bow.

One thought I had was to have a series of Demon Kinights one-shots.  Each would highlight characters like Horsewoman, Ystin, Al Jabar, and Exoristos.  It would be neat to see some of their solo adventures.  I doubt that it will ever come to pass as this book was always a tie to what was happening in the current time of the New 52.  I sense that in some ways these characters will be seen as throw away characters now that the book has ended.  Still, in some future year a writer might dust these heroes off and give us one more ride of the Demon Knights.

Good run, but glad for the drop in one title from my pull box as the wallet is hurting right now after Trinity War.