Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why I have been gone for a bit......

     I have been absent for quite some time.  It was not from lack of comics to Blog about.  I am still buying current books.  I still have a great many older comics to talk about.  I guess the biggest reason was I just got down and didn't feel like it.  I struggle with depression and it comes in waves.  When it does I tend to prioritize what I do and work came first.  That didn't really help, as it stressed and depressed me more, but to live life I had to choose to be in the world and let the online stuff go.

     Now seems like a good time to try and get back into the swing of things.  The heavy schedule of summer is closing out for a more steady and balanced fall transition.  I am more likely to review a DC Comicbook if it is new.  Sorry, still not back to collecting current Marvel stuff.  I took Mr. Quesada at his word and followed that advice, "If you don't like what we are doing just read the older comics." (A paraphrased quote)  That is what I do, when collecting it is back issues of Marvel books.  I am reading Lazarus, Pink Ranger, ROM, and Future Quest as my something different.  I am still floating around Valiant Comics as well.

     Recently I did something I have never really done before.  Maybe it is a comic addiction or maybe it was therapy, depends on what side of Fandom you are on I guess.  I was just tired of my life that week.  Things were stressful, the kids at work were especially loud and bouncy that week, I just felt like all things were terrible.  My Local Shop had purchased a collection of 120,000 comics, and were having a special sale.  I went the second day.  I had withdrawn some money and set a limit.  I wasn't even sure I would buy, but if I saw some things I wanted to be ready.  On the Saturday of the sale I went and spent two hours just looking through long boxes.  It was wonderful.

     I could have read books with the previous owner.  They had similar taste as I have in books.  What was cool was the almost complete runs that were there, even after a day of people picking through already.  I had two issues of Ultraverse's Firearm, now I have the entire run.  I picked up a major chunk of Brubaker's Catwoman.  Lots of New 52 singles that i bought cheaper than cover price.  I also got those fringe and oddities one collects but really doesn't have a reason for why they collect them.  It was a major haul.  I am still reading the last of them.  On the OLD Fantastic Four issues I bought.  It was nice to just immerse myself in my hobby like that and enjoy myself.  Really nice considering all the terrible was still waiting once I got back from my fun.

     Still, it got me wanting to write about comicbooks again.  I have new material and can really feel the reasons why I did this in the beginning again.  Here is hoping that I can begin again and share my love and passion for comicbooks with you, the few who have read my blog.