Friday, September 20, 2013

Not feeling the Flashback Today

I have a few comics that I could throw up as a Flashback Friday, but its been a rough week and I don't feel very creative and would probably be really bland.  I probably will do a Black Panther comic soon as for two years now that has been a keyword in searches.  Be smart to help bring people in I guess.  

If all goes as planned you should see a return of Mantra Mondays this Monday and then the four issues of the Godwheel mini that accompanied Marvel's takeover/buyout of Malibu Comics.  I am at that point in Mantra's book and it would be neat.  

On The Malibu front I have recently increased the Hardcase series by ten issues and the Strangers and Solution are in good standing as well.  I am not sure how far I am going with this collecting of Malibu Comics.  Should I just stay small and go for a few titles or go big and aim for the entire Library of Malibu?

Anyway, I am tired and felt bad all week I am gonna sign off.  Thank you to everyone who reads this silly little Blog of mine.  I appreciate it more than you know.