Thursday, September 26, 2013

Godwheel #2

This is the bridge issue of this mini series.  I call it that because we are at the point where much must occur to cross into the climax and final confrontation.  Here is where the fight to gain the three items of power begins in earnest.  The items are The Windsword, Roc's Egg, and crystal crown.  In issue #2 here we will see the acquisition of the sword and egg.

I wish I had more knowledge of the characters from the FREEX comic.  I would be more understanding about Feline, Cayman, Flygirl, and especially Pressure who acts very strange according to Cayman.  Not knowing her I would think this Valerie is a smart and knowledgeable woman.  We watch her understand the science on this godyacht and even how to operate these systems at first glance.  Later she seems cold and uncaring.

We also have more distrust of Boneyard.  Knowing him it is clear that they should not trust the guy.  What we have in terms of action is division into teams to retrieve the items and Argus waiting to see where they go and sending his operatives there.  Cayman, Feline, and Pressure go after the Windsword and face off against Primevil.  It is here that we watch Cayman get swallowed and being digested by Primevil.  His teammate Pressure stands there and watches him being killed.  The shock comes as Feline takes the Windsword and chops Primevil's head off and frees Cayman.  Now Cayman looks less like a human crocodile and more like a man that has portions that look like a crocodile.  Feline has bonded with the sword and Pressure seems very unhappy.

The next team is Flygirl and Hardcase.  The ship makes a great new costume for Hardcase and it helps us not have to look at his still messed up appearance after the battle he had in his book with the MN-E thing that is a bane to all the Ultraverse.  Flygirl hits on him and it is used I think to make us sympathetic for her later.  Lord Pumpkin arrives and he fights off both and even "kills" Flygirl.  I do not know for sure if she is dead, but from here own she is no longer with the rest of the group.  Hardcase freezes up seeing her "die" and suffers flashbacks to others he has lost in battle.  Lord Pumpkin attacks and is using the Roc's Egg to finish Hardcase off when Argus brings him back.

For his betrayal Lord Pumpkin gets his pumpkin smashed and all that is left is his candle.  Two objects found, one in the Crucible of Life.  The crucible is what will give power to the one who collects all the items.  All this and the war is explained by the simulation of Ogma as the heroes and Boneyard travel to the Godwheel.  Lots of explanation about the Godwheel and what will happen if Argus succeeds.

Lukaz and Warstrike are the third team and we all know who they will face next issue, right?  Necro Mantra is up and these are two guys that care for Eden Blake who is trapped in the body that Thanasi now controls.  The question is, will Warstrike kill Mantra to stop Necro Mantra?  Will Lukasz let him?  Still so questions left as we go toward the final issue and the climax of the series.