Thursday, September 12, 2013

If I Had Superpowers..........

I wrote a Google + post not so long ago about sometimes wanting the power of the Spectre to dispense punishment in this chaotic world.  The past few weeks concerning Syria have had me thinking about superheroes in our current world.  It sure looks like the younger Assad has and will be getting away with killing his people in mind boggling numbers.  Many by the use of Chemical and Gaseous weaponry.  There is no one in the world willing the avenge these dead, especially the children that were so brutally killed.  Probably good I have no powers like those I read about.  It would be hard to restrain myself from just killing those responsible in the most painful ways I could imagine.  In reality I just watch as my party bemoans the mistakes of Iraq and goes to the extreme of peace and the Republican Party start their normal isolationists ideas when there is no money to be made.  Russia plays a game with the politics and the rest of the world just watches.  All the while my country has set itself up as the power of all powers in the world and we turn our backs.

Yes, it would be nice to have someone with the power to go in there and strip Syria of all the Chemical weapons and even the conventional.  Every time either side fought around civilians, have a person able to protect those caught in the crossfire.  The question comes on whether you can force peace on anyone.  It just hurts seeing all the bad.

What really stinks is what I saw on the BBC report I watched tonight.  A father in Pakistan threw his One and a half year old daughter into a river to kill her.  He threatened his wife against reporting him, which she did after a week.  He confessed, but it seems the authorities are going to turn away and he will be released.  They are starting to question why the wife didn't report him sooner.  Idiots.  He told her if she had another girl he would kill their first born, the daughter he drowned.  It is part of a standard thing in that part of the world.  Oh how I would torment those men, both the sorry fathers and the officials that are allowing it.  Again, it is good I have no abilities.

All I do have is Hope.  Hope that good people will continue to strive to make this world better.  Hope that world leaders will remember the history that has happened when we ignore this type of atrocity.  Hope that we can be better than the evil seen in this world.  Remember that all it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to stay by and do nothing.


If you would like to help the children impacted by the violence in Syria please follow the link to WorldVision.  They are an organization I have raised money for with my Church Groups in the past and have one of the best records in the world concerning the use of money raised.  Thanks if you do, you are being a hero.