Friday, September 27, 2013

Flashback Friday: Godwheel #3

We conclude the week with the end of the Godwheel Mini-Series from Malibu Comics.  As I said, I felt this story was advanced to use as a start to the Marvelication of the Ultraverse.  This is the issue that Thor will at last appear and that all this fighting over the Crucible of Life will conclude.  It is a satisfying end and doesn't let off the accelerator as we speed along to the end.

When we stopped there was one team and one item left on the quest for power.  Lukasz and Warstrike had teamed up to find the Crystal Crown and by doing so stop Argus in his quest to return to ultimate godhood.  It was no surprise to the reader that Necro Mantra would be the one that they would face.  Why they were surprised was funny in a way as they should have realized it would come down to that match up.

The battle is strange and at one point Eden Blake takes control back from Thanasi.  While the romantic angst is playing out Warstrike finds and dons the Crystal Crown.  It activates his pre-cognative abilities and he sees the Earth drowning in blood as people are mutilated around a throne.  Warstrike sees himself on the throne and he is served by Necro Mantra.  This vision melts his mind.  In the end Necro Mantra retrieves the Crystal Crown.

I could bore you with the action, but I will instead hit the high points.  The Crucible of Life is activated.  Pressure stumbles out as we find out she has been replaced by Rune during the Quest.  Boneyard might be dead.  Necro Mantra betrayed Argus.  Argus outsmarts her by using Primevil.  Millions of tiny Lord Pumpkins.  Big old fight.

Rune attacks Necro Mantra and Thanasi flees leaving Eden Blake as Mantra.  Mantra plays a big role as it is her magical interference that brings Thor over.  Of course with Thor rallying the Ultra Heroes the day is won and we get a extra crossover as Loki slips into the Ultraverse unseen.  It is here that I felt maybe new Ultra character would be used if the buyout had never happened.  Maybe even Ogma being returned and the start of an area where secrets of the Ultraverse would be told and the battle between Rex Mundi and The Alternate brought in.

Over all this is a great read.  Having knowledge of the Ultraverse would help, but is not necessary to enjoy.  It is too bad that months from now Marvel will beging a round of lay offs and budget cutting that will destroy the Ultraverse as if Argus had won this battle.