Monday, January 30, 2012

COW BOY from Archaia

Well Howdy Pardners!  I know that the regular Monday spot here is Mantra Monday, but I have something a bit different today.  On my Google+ I saw a post that Chris Eliopoulos and Nate Cosby have created a comic called COW BOY for Archaia.  They have a preview of the first Chapter up and I read it.  REALLY GOOD!

The preview should help you get the idea about the tough little boy that is on the trail of a WANTED man.  He is a tough boy.  The oddity of this small boy in such a grown up role is interesting and makes you wonder just what the deal is in the story.

I tell you this, the last panel brings it all together and makes you want to slap your head and just find these guys and tell them how awesome that reveal is in the telling of this story.  This is a gutsy move for them.  They are putting this book out there in Social Media.  For me that is Google+.  So just give this a look.

I have read books from Archaia and they are top quality.  The thing is that they are not of the Big Two and deal with a variety of genres.  They can get overlooked by people when we are swamped with X's, Avenging, and DCnU's.  I just decided to let my few people know that this title is out there and you can buy it.  So what are you waiting for?  Check it out!