Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flashback Friday: Thor TPB

I have held writing this until it was time for the movie.  A friend that use to write for the same website as I sent me this a few months ago.  He is an awesome writer and you should really check his site out, Rich's Rotatingly Titled Blog.  So I did not read any of the JMS issues when they came out.  It was post-Civil War and I was dropping Marvel.  Spidey did that stupid deal with the "devil" and I was down to just Nova.  I wanted to read it.  I just was on the outs with Marvel and really wanted to have nothing to do with them while the current Editorial Leadership is there and running things.  Rich helped me see what I missed.

I like the way JMS brought Asgard back and his setting it in the middle of the United States was interesting.  Having Donald Blake as an almost separate personality is right along with what JMS does.  Look at Babylon 5 and Wonder Woman to see the meta-physical concepts he uses.  What is captured perfectly is Thor himself.  He is regal and the powerful warrior of justice that has always been at the core of the character.  Thor has always been a favorite Avenger of mine.  He intrigues me as a character.  This Trade is good and a good representation of Thor.

What I really loved was the issue contained that has Thor take Tony Stark to task.  I loved seeing Iron Man pay for Civil War.  Thor flat out says all I felt while reading that piece of steaming pooh.  I know many of you out there love it, but to me it is not my Marvel Universe.  So to see Thor Disassemble his fellow Avenger and tell him how things will be was awesome.  We forget just how powerful Thor is in the Marvel U.  He is one of the tops in power levels.  The man can kick butt.  He is Superman.  You have to respect that and JMS certainly does here.

The stories of the lives containing the spirits of the Asgardians is what really shines.  I also understand why that lady was a female Loki.  We see the Destroyer in these pages too.  This is a great book.  Watching the townsfolk interact with these beings from beyond provides a great balance of humor for all the action.  You should get it if you like well written Thor tales.