Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tomb Raider #1 Survivor's Guilt

I was able to check out a bookstore that carries comics and other geeky stuff today while on a Greenhouse supply run.  Picked up Tomb Raider #1 from Dark Horse to check out what a favorite writer Gail Simone had done with the title.  Seems that this version comes from a new Tomb Raider video game that places Lara back as a newbie in the relic hunting world.  That is the premise for the new comic.  This works well for Dark Horse.  It gives a fresh view of our gal and separates her from the well known Top Cow version of Ms. Croft.

Top Cow had my interest as the run hit its stride in that series.  The crossovers with The Witchblade and other Top Cow characters was something I followed.  I even got free copies from time to time of the specials as a reviewer.  I liked that version of Lara and really believe that Fiona Avery wrote some of the best Tomb Raider stories ever.  Giving this new comic a retro start will help it attract a new group of readers I hope.  Gail Simone has written a good start for this book.  It does what it needs to do as a new book.

My problem comes from investing $3.50 each month.  I have cut around seven titles from my pull box.  I just can't add this book, as good as it was, to the list.  I will have to wait and try and grab it in trade form later on.  My not adding it should not stop any of you out there from considering this book.  It looks promising and has a strong beginning tale that it is weaving.  It is good to see Lara Croft back in a monthly series.