Friday, June 2, 2017

Wonder Woman is a movie that Inspires

I was feeling so many emotions as the credits rolled on the Wonder Woman Movie.  The most prominent was a renewed sense of hope.  After the US election in 2016 I felt lost.  A man I did not respect and who through his life showed himself to be the opposite of everything I believed in was President.  I saw in this man the opposite of everything I taught the youth and children that had been under my care over the years.  As a Christian Minister I felt like the Gospel message of Love had been stomped upon.

Watching Gal Gadot bring Wonder Woman to life helped me feel a sense of calmness.  I feel the inspiration that has been my guide for so long.  I teach how Love is the strongest thing there is in the universe.  As a Christian I hold to Love as a sacrifice that was made so people had the choice to choose a life of goodness.

I liked having that feeling.  I did understand as well why people had said they were tearing up and crying.  There are two very emotional scenes, well more, but two that affected me.  I felt that this film would have been great for Memorial Day.  While being a film that preaches peace, it never makes the soldiers look bad.  It shows the horrors of WWI.  The backdrop worked well for Diana's origin.

It is an origin that takes all the various incarnations and melds the best parts to give us a strong female to admire and love.  The story works on so many levels.  Patty Jenkins crafted the best film of the year.  She deserves to direct more of the DC movies.  Her take and sense of visuals would do well for DC in making us care more and connecting with non-comicbook people.

Go see this movie.  Take any young women and older girls.  Younger girls can see it safely I think, but it will take some maturation for them to appreciate fully just how special this story and Wonder Woman are.  Wonder Woman really delivers everything a movie should be.