Sunday, September 18, 2016

DC Universe Rebirth Green Lanterns #1 - #6

 I remain loyal to my Green Lantern Titles and hope they stay strong.  On Earth we add another person to the ever growing cadre of Green Lanterns.  Her name is Jessica Cruz, a person with some anxiety issues.  I have no idea what happened to her in apparently Justice League titles and dealings with the Forever Evil story-line.  She is a very messed up gal that suddenly is placed with the Green Lantern that has the biggest chip on his Shoulder, Simon Baz.  The first Muslim Green Lantern and mainstream DC hero I guess comes from the time before Rebirth.  He has a cool back story that I encourage you to get and read.  He is the opposite of Cruz, he has no problems with self assured and cocky confidence.

Hal Jordan has placed them in charge of Earth.  You see Hal has taken off to find the rest of the Corps who disappeared and had their own wild adventures in the Universe before this one.  No time to train or teach the rookies teamwork so he comes up with a typical Hal solution.  He merges there power battery and now they must both be there to recharge.  No the best idea if you ask me, but Hal didn't.  The Justice League is their mentors and they are having a time of it over in that book.  Here in their book they are pushed into the deep in of the pool straight off.

Red Lanterns have returned.  Dex-Starr and Atrocious lead Bleedz and some I thought were Dead Reds to create something they call the Hell Tower on Earth.  The whole thing is a scary story with people becoming rage zombies and attacking anything that moves.  Our Greens are not immune either.  Family is caught up in the mess as Jessica's sister is infected.  Simon and Jessica fight to find an answer and we get plenty of back and forth from them as to why they dislike each other.  The thing is that to survive they will have to learn to trust each other.

There are some strange things happening to Simon as well.  He has developed new powers.  Some kind of healing effect through the green willpower is able to even break the rage of a Red Lantern and turn them back.  That was originally only possible by the ring of a Blue Lantern.  He also is having some kind of Green Vision where he can see the future or when someone is in trouble.  Both use tremendous energy and the levels spike when he taps into each.  

Add a rogue Guardian and the revelation of a new ring that is soon to be loosed on the Universe and this has been a great book so far.  It was a trill ride start and soon we should get some more action as things resolved but did not truly end.  They have a bunch of trouble ahead.  Both of them must learn how to work as a team and trust each other.  They have to watch each others backs.  Oh, and Jessica needs to figure out how to make constructs.