Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wonder Girl #1

            A one-shot of the Girl Wonder.  Did you see this title on the self in the sea of DC Comics “white” background covers?  It is a formulaic tale that helps introduce a soon to be addition to the Teen Titans.  A first look at Solstice.  It is a simple tale, but a good one.  Cassie is in London to visit her mom and just relax a bit.  Well, relax except for the tension her superhero lifestyle seems to impose on her relationship with her mom.  While at this archaeological conference she takes time to stroll the Natural History Museum and meets Kiran.  The spunky gal hits it off with Cassie immediately. 

            That is when the earthquake hits and suddenly the two are fighting a character I have never ever read, Lady Zand.  Things go on from there.  A nice one and done story.  I really wish I could add Teen Titans to my list.  I love Wonder girl and the rest of the group.  This sunny eyed Solstice seems like a cool contrast to many of the other Titans and there is Robin joining.  See my Batgirl review for my thoughts on him.

            What I disliked was the art work.  Something about the eyes distracted me.  It was not a style that I particularly like, but story trumps art for me.  Still, check it out if you are a Titans or wonder girl fan.  I think you will like the book.