Friday, January 14, 2011

Black Swan


I went to see Black Swan today.  It is a disturbing look at madness I must say.  The thing is that one is always guessing at the madness being displayed.  It is not rated "R" lightly.  Besides the language there is a heavy sexual overtone in the way the character deals with life.  It is very good and just so deserving of the praise it has received.  Natalie Portman gives us more reason to believe that she will become one of Hollywood's icons as the years stretch on.  She was fantastic.  It is very disturbing seeing her so thin and her body almost nothing but muscle and bones.  Mila Kunis rocked as the rival.  She plays the part with a nice lightheartedness for such a dark character.  What shocked me was Wynonna Ryder.  I did not recognize her.  It was strange not to catch that it was her.  All the cast was outstanding.  Grown-ups with open minds and not easily offended should check it out.  Stunning, freaky, kinky, dark, strange, I could keep going with the adjectives.  Great film.