Monday, January 31, 2011

Mantra Mondays: Mantra #2

Mantra #2
Lukasz is now in the body of Eden Blake and the man who killed him is standing over him, or is it her, in Eden's house.  Lukasz shows no concern for the kids as he first powers up in the skimpy armor and then has to power down as the kids come in.  Apparently Eden has many boyfriends as a single mom since Gus just shrugs it off.  That is a bit of a stereotype and makes sense coming from a male writer that really is writing a male character in female skin.  So we get a surprise as Warstrike doesn't want to kill Lukasz again, just offer help because Notch duped him.

This all takes us on a trip to a private auction for which Lukasz must get dressed up for to get in the event.  Before that happens Eden needs to get to work.  Just a bit of humor, the decision to wear pants and the trickiness of a bra is shown.  We get to see the kids Dad and Lukasz is already planning on shipping them off to live there for good.  He really is not much of a hero is he?

Party time rolls around after an attempt at humor with the make up Lukasz puts on.  He goes with showing leg instead of cleavage.  What is this book about this issue?  Well, it is a long trip to get the mask.  Later we will learn about the costume in its whole, but for now we get the completion and the threat of a new enemy.  Later Lukasz takes the kids to the movies since dad did not show up like planned.  We get to see the assistants from the auction and they are creepy. Each speaks a word of the sentence they speak.  The cliffhanger is Mantra being overpowered by them with the kids in the middle of the danger.

As second issues go this one is weak.