Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Batgirl #17

            I love this comicbook.  It is now the one book I can not do without.  Do you have that title?  You know, the if I have to give up all comics I purchase except one, then which one would it be?  Mine is Batgirl.  I even have a best quote from this book.  “I swear to crap, if that thing comes back out with blood on it...”  This has been and continues to be one of the most fun reads month in and month out.  Many have criticized the choice of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl.  Still, I believe those that have read the title have been won over by her personality and the action of the book.  It strikes a balance of humor, action, and good plot.  We have a good supporting cast that is growing stronger.  Just enough ties have been made to Batman and to Oracle without drowning the story in their collective drama.  Stephanie provides a spot of sunshine in the normally dark world of Gotham.

            This issue has a character I really dislike.  He is a brat.  He is arrogant.  Yet, he is so much fun to read.  I have a hate/love relationship with Robin.  Damien is just a character that is so fun to watch interact with others.  Supergirl, Batgirl, and I hope just to one day see the trifecta of blondness, Wonder Girl just seem perfect foils for this little jerk.  This is the second time Stephanie has encounter the overbearing short knight.  She is starting to feel like a mentor to him.  It is cute.  Plus she never really knows if he will not kill her.  Still, this is a team up that works so well.

            Here they have to stop children of middle class parents from being kidnapped.  Damien has to go undercover as a regular kid in a museum.  This is a hilarious turn of events that leads Steph to realize something about Robin.  She rectifies that as the story ends.  It really is a cute and nice story that continues to mark the style of the comic.  More like this title please!