Thursday, February 9, 2012

Batwoman #6

Are you reading this title?  If not, then why not?  Batwoman has been a constant delight as a book.  Each and every appearance has been an artistic overload with interesting stories.  Maybe some were worried as Amy Reeder took over the look of the book, but WOW do I like her work.  I loved the high concept look of the first five issues, but I love the way Amy Reeder has brought back a more comicbook look to the series.

I normally am not one to gush over the art in a comic.  I go with the flow, like nice art and tolerate the art that doesn't quite look like I would imagine the characters to be.  The thing about Batwoman in issue 6 is that she looks like I see in my mind.  I like that Kate Kane has a bit of color to her skin when not Batwoman.  This is due to the work of Guy Major.  She needed this look.  In fact the coloring through the issue is just perfect.  Before moving on to the story I want to also say that Amy Reeder does a great job of keeping the odd panel layouts going.  That is a staple of this book and not ever artist could step in and work within those layouts with the ease she does.

Our story took some nasty turns as Kate became mad at her father knowing her sister was alive and then cutting him from her life.  We watch Bette be gutted and left for dead, then drugged and interrogated while still on death's door.  Kate is then coerced into becoming an agent of the D.E.O. and has Agent Chase as a watcher.  Now we get back to finding those behind these missing children.  Long form stories are so well done in Batwoman.  It really is nice to see the plot unfold and each issue being a nice morsel to savor.

The direction is nice.  Breaking her away from Batman works well.  She can be aligned, but Batwoman works best as her own woman.  This book has never really been about the shadow of the Bat.  Her role is now one of being under a government thumb, while protecting Batman's secrets and still operating as her will guides her.  It makes for interesting plot possibilities.

This is one of the most visually appealing comicbooks in The New 52.  It has one of the coolest female characters in the DCnU.  It is action and adventure that should be enjoyed by all.