Friday, July 22, 2011

When Captain America throws his mighty shield.......

OK, so I went to the local theatre at about 1:30 PM for the 2:00 showing.  I was settled in, chomping popcorn, waiting and anticipating.  Then the lights flickered.  Darkness.  Emergency lights.  A long and loud rumbling of thunder.  Needless to say that a transformer was blown by the lightening.  I was planning to see Cap and then refill the popcorn and drink and watch another flick and stay cool in our oppressive heat.  I got a readmit for anytime and tried it again for the 4:30 showing.  The power came back at 4 just in time for the second round of films, some beginning at 4:10.

What about the movie?  BEST ONE YET!  Thor was good.  I heard X-Men was good, didn't see it.  Green Lantern delivered and was a great start for a franchise.  Captain America was just one of these great films that remind us what being a hero is all about.  It had so much that it had to do in terms of the Avengers, telling Steve's origin, and being a great comicbook film.  It does it.

This is a World War Two movie with a Sci-Fi flair.  Hugo Weaving was SO COOL as the Red Skull.  If you thought Loki was well done, wait until you see the Skull.  Toby Jones makes a great weaselly Armin Zola.  Tommy Lee Jones rocks his part and delivers much of the dry humor that carries the movie.  All the cast is just really good.  This movie does the heart of Steve Rogers justice.  He is the Captain America that all of us grew up with and know how he really was a soldier, yet didn't relish killing.

The 3D did not kill my eyes as bad as Green Lantern, but neither was it as good as Thor.  The teaser at the end is really good.  I just enjoyed this incredibly long film.  That is the only thing you need to be ready for is the length.  It kept my attention, but 2 hours and 50 minutes can be hard on the backside.

Great film for an Outstanding Character.