Friday, January 21, 2011

Flashback Friday: Avengers #159

            The Avengers; Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Beast, Wonder Man, Wasp, Yellow Jacket, and Captain America are defeated.  They are at the mercy of a deranged new altered human who calls himself Graviton.  As he will remind us so many times from this day forward, he is the master of the fundamental force.  His name is Frank hall and he has lifted a large chunk of the New York State countryside into the air and hopes to win the hand of a woman named Judy.  He forcible removes the others of the research facility and points his sky island towards Manhattan.  Bullets and rockets are no match for the power of gravity as the land mass advances.

            Who can save the day?  The lone sentinel of Avengers mansion, Jarvis the Butler, frets over the fate of his friends.  That is when the Black Panther appears followed by Thor.  So all is not lost, soon the two Avengers are headed to face Graviton.  They leave Jarvis wondering if there is nothing that he can do.

            Much happens.  Beast cracks wise as soon the entire Avengers are back in the fight.  It is a great battle that we see little of nowadays in our comics.  There is a sad loss.  One hostage decides to leap to there death.  Later things might be different and an unsung Avenger is responsible for the happy ending.

            This is the first time we see Frank Hall or Graviton.  He will become a regular foe of the Avengers.  When the West Coast Avengers start up they will face him a number of times and Tigra in particular will face a great deal of strife at this time.  Later he will bedevil the Thunderbolts and face off against Karen Sofen or Moonstone and her manipulative nature.  The book is just a great little Avengers story.  It has some of the greatest heroes from the roster and at the end; Jarvis has his moment in the spotlight.

            A great issue if you come across it.