Monday, January 10, 2011

Proof Book 1: Goatsucker

Proof Book 1:  Goatsucker

By Alexander Grecian & Riley Rossmo

            I had heard a bit about PROOF when it came out.  The long lost G4 podcast mentioned it and I had seen it mentioned on some sites.  I just couldn't add another book at the time.  So I passed by and hoped to one day check it out.  The other day I found the Trade at my used bookstore for $5.00.  Not bad and the book looked almost unread.  Great condition for a five buck trade.  So I have sat down and read it twice and really liked it.

            It is a twist on the “mythical and legendary creatures live among us” theme of so much sci-fi books and TV.  Agent John Prufrock, or “Proof,” is the Sasquatch in the room.  He is our main character, yet we do not get too much of him at first.  His new partner, FBI Agent Ginger Brown, and a Sheriff that is the victim of a Cryptid's murderous ways.  It is a very great weaving of the various stories that lead us to even more mystery.

            The way Ginger gets recommended for the “Lodge” is funny to me.  A golem named Joseph helps foil a hostage situation and ends up using his clout to move Ginger along.  She is put in the deep end of the pool from the start as her and Proof head to find a Chupacara.  The creature is written very differently from what my concept of the monster would be.  That is a strength.  The creatures are taken and given some old school definitions and some twists and changes that help make them more ominous.

            One can read this and be satisfied with an ending, yet the tease for more is there as well.  I will buy a Book 2 if I run across it.  This is a well written title, but it does run for those with more mature minds.