Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday: Sabretooth Classic #3

Sabretooth Classic #

A different slice of my comic box collection this Friday.  I have been reading a short box that has a variety of books stored in it.  One I read that seemed a good pick for a Flashback was this little reprinting of an issue of Power Man & Iron Fist (#84).  Apparently during the 1990's Marvel printed a comic that collected appearances by Sabretooth, that mean and murderous creep that bedevils Wolverine.  Before he became know in the X-Men circles Sabretooth tangled with the Heroes for hire.

In this book we have a big amount of dialogue, HUGE, Large, GINORMOUS even.  When one states they read a comicbook, well in this case it is true.  This book harkens back to a day and age where the story was well and completely written.  The main plot is a bit of revenge by Sabretooth and his partner the Constrictor.  Seeing the Constrictor in action is nice as he has never been in my section of Marvel's Universe.  The big brute Sabretooth confuses Misty Knight and her roommate.  Perfume was shared and they both are gorgeous African-American women.  In the darkness and the attack first nature of Creed, he slashes and then realizes he has missed hurting Misty.  What he has done is wound and maim the girlfriend of Luke Cage, Power Man.
Power Man & Iron Fist #84

A fight happens where Cage wants to strike out alone and is reminded that he has friends in Iron Fist, Misty , and Collen Wing.  There is some great action in two battles between the various characters.  One great element is a montage type progression of the search for the two villians.  It has the different ways they "get" information.  This leads to the final confrontation that is pretty cool.

Just a nice little gem in my collection I guess.