Thursday, July 5, 2012

HeroesCon 2012 Small Prints

     Here are scans of the prints that fit on my scanner bed from Heroes Convention.  Below is Annie Ammo which you will get information about later when I discuss the new venture by so awesome artists in the industry.  The most exciting thing about that venture for me is that Randy Green's Dollz is back as well.  Annie is brought to us by the outstanding Richard Case.

     The "Cats" here are drawn by Danielle Soloud.  A funny drawing of these two on her Sketchbook last year was the reason I purchased it.  I got her new one this year and she made me a deal to get the print here instead of last years sketch book as she was pairing them.  I scanned last year's card so you can check her website out(Some Mature Content, so just know that.  It is artsy, but still felt it needed saying).

       Christian N. St. Pierre was selling these three prints, the last two that were harder to scan, and they were really affordable.  I loved the Dragon.  He had about five or six different Dragons, but I liked this one best.  Rocket Raccoon....c''s ROCKET RACCOON!  Why wouldn't I buy it for $1.  The Wonder Woman is just really regal in the way she is presented.