Friday, February 3, 2012

Flashback Fridays: Robin #35 (The Final Night)

Today we go back to the DCU crossover event called The Final Night.  I have the collected version of this in a single form.  It had the series and a related Green Lantern issue collected in a cardboard framed holder.  One of the thing about this era of DC Comics is that if something major happened in the Universe of the DCU, it was reflected by all the lines.  Each book dealt with the effects the eradication of Earth's Sun was having on the planet.  How were the heroes responding to what appeared to be the end of the world.
Robin was in his thermal underwear and patrolling Gotham.  He ends up with Stephanie Brown, The Spoiler, tagging along.  This is a early version of Stephanie and really shows her carefree attitude.  She also loves teasing and flirting with Robin, even when the world is freezing to death.  Robin continues to move forward and to teach Steph as he goes.  They soon find so criminals and take them on.
The action leads to some exciting and life threatening stuff.  Stephanie is not happy as Robin tries to save one of the criminals they had been fighting.  She soon learns a lesson about being a hero as events take a turn the reader is not expecting.  Soon there is a big lesson given and Stephanie has a piece of the puzzle that will one day make her the best Batgirl Gotham has seen.
Like many of the DCU events of the day The Final Night is a good set of comics to get when you find them in discount boxes.  Issues like this one were mainly stand alone stories dealing with the end of days and can be enjoyed without having the main series or the entire collection of The Final Night crossover books.