Thursday, February 16, 2012

One Positive about the DCnU

World's Finest #1
There is one thing I have noticed about The New 52 or DCnU, the diversity of the offerings.  I kind of like that there is a bit of ongoing mini series rolling out.  I like that some books are changing who and whom is showcased.  In some ways one could say that the company is cooking spaghetti and at times throwing it on the wall to see what sticks.  Maybe that is true, but is that a bad thing?  

It could be that an obscure character that would never sustain a regular series could hold an eight issue run and then be worthy of more later.  Let us face it that in this day and age the comics are written for trade format.  Maybe it is better that there are some books directly planned for that goal in mind.  It could be like how 3D movies should be planned to be 3d and not decided after the film is shot and then adapted for 3d to squeeze more money out of it.  The film planned out as 3d is always better.

No one likes change.  The industry of books and the printed word have to adapt to changing technology.  Maybe this New 52 will help guide DC to a stable future where we get printed paper in a paperless world.  The alternative is seeing comicbooks become Kodak.  Google it if you are too young to remember when there were no Digital Cameras.