Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wonder Woman #6

I will admit, I was unsure when I heard that Wonder Woman would be considered a horror comic.  I was really disappointed in the run by J. Micheal Strazynski.  I expected more, but in a way the DCnU washed that reality warping tale away and I will let it go gladly.  I felt no sense of loss like I did with Batgirl, Zatanna, and Power Girl.  So I was taking a chance while determined to support Wonder Woman.  The verdict from me is that Brian Azzarello has crafted a great mythological horror book.  It is subtle horror though.  Muted by the art and the way the story flows.  You have finished reading and all of a sudden you realize just how creepy a scene was in the book.

I do not think anybody thought Wonder Woman would be this good.  Why then is no one really talking about this in great detail.  I figure that this is a title that few picked up because it was Wonder Woman.  She has always had trouble in many ways with the greater male comic reader.  So in a years time we will be hearing all the Johnny Come Latelys telling us how great the Trade is and we should have been reading.  Well, I AM READING!  You should be as well.

The godlings that are here and the new idea of Zeus being Diana's daddy has made for some interesting twist.  Hera basically turned all the Amazons into snakes and Diana's mom into a statue because she couldn't keep her hubby faithful.  This issue sees Diana as the strategist to make Batman proud.  She turns the table on the naked except for a peacock cloak queen of the godlings.  The godlings are odd looking.  Poseidon is a crazy quilt of sea creatures and Hades has his head on fire.  He looks like a Tick character.  SPOON!

Sorry, got carried away.  Wonder Woman is well written and well crafted.  I say read it now and be a head of the crowd.  Do not wait for the bandwagon to jump on and read.  It is one of the best things out there in the DCnU.