Monday, February 13, 2012

Mantra Mondays: Mantra #13

Mantra Monday makes its return!  It has been a bit since the last installment of Mantra Mondays.  It was Giant Size Mantra #1 where Mantra ends up in the dimension that Boneyard dwells and terrorizes in part, just not the correct part of the planet.  Instead she ends up having to fight Topaz and then saves the women of Gwendor securing an alliance.  The beginning of Mantra's quest to take the fight to Boneyard has her being outfitted with a high tech mystical armor.  Topaz and a group of the warrior women are with her as they set out.  Soon the men of Neros ask to go as well to make up for the man in their company that worked with Boneyard and attacked Gwendor.  We end up with a jumpy group of men and women who normally only see each other when they are so full of lust they cannot do anything but reproduce.

Lukas still whines, but a bit less.  He is too busy trying not to be called Lady Mantra.  The remaining wife of Boneyard attacks and Topaz is hit with a mystical bolt and disappears.  She is thought dead.  Mantra takes over.  She has an army now and the fight is moving to Boneyard.  I will not say much more.  This is a good read with action and less male trapped in a female body whining.

There is a strange happening with little Evie.  She visits a nice old lady and soon she has an amulet that she wishes upon for her Mommy's return.  The odd thing is that Eden Blake shows up.  But, wait, Eden has been talking to Lukas on the Soulscape when he dreams.  So who is the woman that is with Evie and Gus?

Resolutions are coming soon in the original plotlines.