Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sometimes I wonder......

......if anyone likes what I write?  I guess you should be ready for a silly whine and cheese session.  I just have wondered if I have some anti-social media gene.  Maybe that is my superpower, the ability to remain invisible even in social networks.  So what is this craziness about?  Zero comments is what.  Whether here or on G+ I never have comments on what I post.  Even when I ask what I see as a fun question I get nothing.  It can be discouraging sometimes.  It is a good thing I am not totally writing this Blog for comments, although they are very nice.

Part of what I am doing is trying to aid in the ability of people to find runs of books.  I am slowly doing it.  Think about what happens when I get done with Mantra Mondays.  There will be one place on the web where the covers and a bit about each issue will be collected.  I have always wanted that to be my website.  If I had money I would have that as my hobby.  A reference site of full runs of books.  It would be a massive undertaking and I know it is just a dream.

It is one thing that saddens me from my having to jettison all my work with PaperBackReader.  It also is why my friend that I helped with that site never understood why I insisted on reviewing a title even if it was a few weeks out from its release.  I liked the idea of having complete runs online to be able for people and parents to reference.  It also is a reason I shared books from Top Cow back then as well.  Parents and others needed to know about what was out there and they also needed to know when something was not age appropriate for younger kids.  Instead my love of fantasy and the supernatural left me open to attack.

I get that most people are lurkers online.  They flit to and from and don't comment, but it does help if at least a couple of words are left every now and then to say you like or dislike something.  Maybe I am just too old fashioned or maybe people just don't want to talk to me.  Oh well.