Friday, June 7, 2013

Heroes Convention 2013 Day 1 Pics

 Made it down and thought we were in the right Marriott, but we were not.  The correct on was cut off by a festival that took over about seven blocks.  That made things weird.  But I got some pics.  Toys start us off.

They did something different with the Art Auction this year.  A stage and chairs to sit and actually watch people create.

Well, Cosplay will be very popular again this year.  Saw a few nice ones today.  I figure tomorrow will be extremely full of people to ask to take pics of at HeroesCon.

Here is what I had been looking forward to all week, Mert's Heart & Soul Cafe.  I had Beef BBQ Ribs, Red Beans, Mac and Cheese, and a side of one piece of fried Catfish.  Oh boy was it good.

As I mentioned they had a major street festival.  It was bunches of food vendors.  All kinds of stuff.  The first statue is not alive, the second one up there was alive.  Look for an update of Day 2 tomorrow night.  (WIFI in the room, AWESOME)