Sunday, February 19, 2012

Catwoman #6

I must start this post by giving congratulations to Judd Winnick.  I know he probably could care less that some person in rural North Carolina has finally enjoyed a series of his, but I do.  I have never thought he was a bad writer or anything like that emotion.  No, I just never really have ever connected to his stories.  He took over Green Lantern way back when I was a subscriber.  Not any dislike, but just felt the adventures fell flat for me.

I steered away from his work for a long time.  When I would come across it, the same emotion was present.  While I could like the work, it just never felt more than just reading along over an article in the newspaper.  I was really bummed when he was given Power Girl after it had such a fun and great start.  We get bogged down in the Brightest Day story with Max Lord.  I held on and stayed until the DCnu came to be.

The New 52 hit the stands and from the beginning I have absolutely LOVED Catwoman.  She has style and sass that I like.  It has a crime undertone that is out from under the Sahadow of the Bat even when he appears.  High action with amazing cliffhangers have just made this one of my wait until the end of the stack reads.  I keep the books I think I will enjoy most for the last part of reading when I get a stack of books from the shop.

Each issue Winnick has delivered a great adventure and a very detailed look at Selina Kyle.  It is a character driven book, that character being Selina, the woman who happens to be Catwoman.  I think that has been important.  It also is where I believe the critizism of the book come from as people adjust to the DCnU.  We were use to Catwoman and her adventures.  This takes us in from a different Point of View.  We see the world through Selina's eyes and her back story.  If anything this has brought a neat perspective to the myth of Catwoman.

You did it Winnick, I can praise a book you do.  Please keep up the good work on Catwoman.