Friday, July 31, 2015

Is Atticus Finch a Racist?

I cannot say for sure yet, I do how ever hear the same arguments today from people that lived back in that day.  I have been slowly been reading Harper Lee's sequel to "To Kill A Mockingbird," "Go Set A Watchman."  It is like the first book in that this is the story of Scout.  Jean Louise Finch is a grown woman that has come home to find the things she knew and grew up with are alongside feelings and prejudices she is and was blind to growing up.

This book could have been easily finished by me in a day.  I have been processing chapters and moments.  Each has been familiar in terms of my own growing up in rural Western North Carolina.  It is a dual look for me, as I understand the other side presented in terms of sometimes sitting with people I disagree with to accomplish things.  I do this often when in the presence of fundamentalist and conservative Christians.  

I will write a complete review soon, but for now realize that the critics focused on a part of the book that is not the whole.  I have laughed and almost cried as I read this novel.  Whatever is said, Harper Lee is a great author and writer.