Friday, February 10, 2012

Not Feeling it this Friday

I have read a bunch of stuff that could be used for Flashback Friday this week, but I just wasn't feeling it.  This is different from other days missing a regular thing here on the Blog like my Mantra Mondays and Flashback Fridays.  Then I was just tired from medicine and health stuff and didn't get things done.  Today though it has been just not feeling that drive after picking up an old book.

There is no rhyme or reason behind my picks.  I just kind of think, "This is the Flashback Friday pick" and write the post.   I have been working to move my comics from the house to a new storage building we just built.  It is dry and insulated, but I am determined that all that go out be in plastic.  The fear I have are mice and bugs.  Still, I need to get some room and I will be able to find issues and things better.  I also have a bunch of stuff scattered from when I moved some years back from my last place of service.  I went from a house to my old childhood room.  Not much space.

So, enjoy this pic of my favorite Dynamo 5 character, Scrap. Rebekah Isaacs did a sketch of her at last years HeroesCon.  Have a good weekend.