Monday, May 2, 2011

Mantra Mondays: Mantra #9

Mantra #9
Hopefully I make this on Monday.  It is quarter past eleven here and I am getting back on track.  I know some might have missed the schedule being held to if not the look at Mantra each Monday.  You get a treat this Monday as we have the best issue written so far in this series.  It really has all that should be in this book within the pages.  Lukasz has to struggle with being a woman while also being Mantra.  For the first time his motivations seem to be for the kids safety throughout the tale even if the reader might think he is wrong in the choices made.  We pick up after the end of last issue with a tired Mantra returning home.

She is attacked by some weird energy that is thought to be Boneyard.  Problem solved and soon a new surprise.  A sexy blonde that Evie calls Auntie Lila.  Seems Eden Lake had a roommate in college that now is getting married and wants her cool girlfriend to be her Maid of Honor.  The Ex-Hubby is the Best Man which will add to the depth of this issue.

Lukasz ends up saying yes and is put through the most girlish of times.  The dress fitting, seeing Lila in the honeymoon lingerie (which for the first time has Lucasz admitting feeling something in Eden's body), shoe shopping, and the trip to the male strip club for some Bachelorette fun.  It is great and what the book needed.  Eden's world crashing in on this thousands of years old warrior.  It adds much needed humor while also providing tension.  See Lukasz has decided to let Gus have the kids, full-time, to keep them safe from Boneyard attacking.  It is a thoughtful and good hearted move, but destined to fail.

The betrayer of Archimage's Army is revealed and he has been body hopping as well.  It is he who attacks and takes over a very close person in Eden's life.  The fight is so cool and soon Mantra has resolved this one in a cool and neat way.  Lukasz also sees that the best place for the kids is with their mom, even it that is him now.

This is the best issue of the series so far in the run.  It adds the elements of the man trapped in female form that is the premise of the book.  Lukasz whines less and actually goes through what life is like as he tries and live as Eden.  That was sorely missing.  A great hook for a title and they seemed to always down play it.  Here it shines through and makes for a great read.  If you are looking at picking up a few issues to see what this title was, then Issue #9 is a must read.